LLang Softening Toner

A skin softening herbal facial toner Contains 6 year-old red ginseng essence of Jeong Gwa...

150ml/5oz $31.90
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LLang Trans Emulsion

A skin hydrating herbal facial emulsion Contains 6 year-old red ginseng essence of Jeong ...

130ml/4.4oz $36.90
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LLang Pure Melting Cleansing Gel

A herbal facial gel wash Helps gently remove impurities, makeup & dead skin cells from sk...

120ml/4oz $24.90
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LLang Treatment Cleansing Balm 74802

An oil balm facial cleanser Helps gently remove makeup & impurities while rejuvenating sk...

140ml/4.73oz $41.90
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LLang Homme Power Balancing Essence

A hydrating & balancing facial essence for men Features a lightweight, non-greasy texture...

50ml/1.7oz $34.90
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LLang Homme Energy Force Serum

A revitalizing & brightening facial serum for men Features a non-greasy silky texture for...

50ml/1.67oz $38.90
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LLang Baby Moisturizing Facial & Body Lotion

A mild hydrating face & body lotion for babies Contains red ginseng extract, vegetable ex...

200ml/6.7oz $27.90
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LLang Natural Energy Fitting Mask - Royal Jelly

An ultra-adhesive facial sheet mask Helps activate the hidden radiance inside skin by pr...

10x20ml/0.7oz $25.90
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LLang Ginseno:Myeong Moist Brighting Toner

A brightening herbal facial toner Features a weightless, quick-penetrating texture Conta...

130ml/4.3oz $27.90
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