Pupa Matt Extreme Matt Compact Eyeshadow # 06

Contains matt colors for an elegant, sophisticated make-up With a sleek texture for an ...

2g/0.07oz $18.90
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Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencil # 27

A triple-purpose pencil combining kajal, eye liner with eye shadow With a handy size & ...

1.2g/0.04oz $18.90
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Pupa True Lips Lip Liner Smudger Pencil # 18

Provides exceptional lip make-up results Gives a steady stroke to develop neatly-outli...

1.2g/0.04oz $19.90
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Pupa Natural Eyes Baked Eyeshadow # 03 (Unboxed, Label Slightly Defect)

Developed with oven baked powder technology Features a soft, easy-blending texture ...

2.2g/0.078oz $14.90
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Pupa Lip Perfection Splendor Hi Shine Liquid Lipcolor - # 01 (White Crystal)

A superb-luminous lip glossy With creamy, silky & non-greasy texture Creates plump...

7ml/0.24oz $13.90
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